About Path to Health

Path to Health is a comprehensive campaign designed to inform uninsured populations about the new health insurance options available under the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act, and educate them about how to sign up. The campaign seeks to simplify this complicated law and provide user-friendly guidance and tips on what you will need to know in order to make sure you are ready for the open enrollment period and beyond. The campaign will be your trusted resource on everything enrollment related.

Campaign Elements

Community Partnerships

The campaign seeks to partner with established local community groups to build support for this critical effort. Many of the groups have a long history of providing unique resources to those most likely to benefit from this new law. As such, they are among the most trusted messengers in these communities. We are working with them to reach the uninsured by sharing our educational materials and participating in their community outreach activities.

Bilingual Website

As you've discovered, the campaign will be supported by a comprehensive bilingual website that will serve as the portal for all of our activities. Interested individuals can visit the website to gather additional – simple and easy to understand – information about the new insurance options available under the ACA.

Educational Materials

The campaign will also feature tips and fact sheets that will inform you on the issues that matter most. With significant confusion surrounding the new law it is important that you have access to both the key facts and accurate and trusted resources for additional information.

Social Media

Our social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, will incorporate innovative and engaging content that promotes the enrollment outreach campaign. In addition, we will seek to create educational content that will be shared by our partner organizations to help educate their in-person and online communities.